Monday, September 28, 2009

An Unexpected Sabbatical

I finally got the chance to see Julie & Julia (ok...weeks ago) and while, yes, it was great to see all the impressive cooking--all those rich, complicated, detailed delicacies on the screen, I was impressed with another aspect of the movie altogether. Some people say they left the theater incredibly inspired to cook, I was much more fascinated with "Julie's" capacity to blog. Every day. Just amazing to me.

The thing is, I walk around all day with all kinds of stuff rolling around in my brain, thinking--Oh, I need to blog that--then somehow the day goes on without me. And lately, during those last few weeks of dog-hot summer, and the reinstated routine of September, I just got out of my groove. So, for those of you lovely enough to follow me, I apologize for the lack of, well, anything to follow. But the Lord just had me in a more introspective mode, re-focusing on my direction on His path. It wasn't a planned just happened. He and I have had some sweet times together, and now He's pushing me back out.

So, look for more commentaries and, TV and movie reviews. And, in general, a little more of me. I've missed you!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your name pop up in my Reader again!

  2. ...ahem...don't let it happen again! ;-) JK! I know we all need time of reflection every now and again. :-)