Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'd Like to Thank...

Tomorrow night, instead of sitting around the big square table with my Monday night writers group, I'll be sitting at a big banquet table with my husband, my Tyndale House editors, and a slew of writing industry Who's Whos at the Christy Awards. By the time the evening is over, I may or may not be a Christy Award-Winning Author. So...last week, I got an email saying that all winners would be given about a minute to make a speech. Two thoughts came to me: (1) I'd never be able to say all that I need to say in a minute; (2) I might not be able to say anything at all.

Since the idea of actually winning a Christy Monday night makes my heart feel full and my stomach feel tumbly, I thought I would take a few minutes here to say all that I might not get a chance to. What follows is not an acceptance speech, because I've nothing to accept other than the grace of God who has allowed me to take this amazing journey. If I am grateful for anything, it is the life I have in Him, the truth by which I live, and the story I live to tell over and over. Beyone that, what follows is simply--as I look at my suitcase wherein lies a pretty, pretty dress--a recording of my gratitude.

I'm thankful for my loving, supporting husband--Mikey--who has been willing to sacrifice so much. Too often, my head is as full as my calendar, and deadlines turn me into a fuzzy-legged ogre. That's why I'm so glad he's heading off to Atlanta with me--to the Varsity!! To the Vortex!!

I'm thankful, too, for my sons who are growing up to be amazing young men, and I'm so glad to have had the past few years with a schedule that allows me to be a bigger participant in their lives.

I'm thankful for Bill Jensen, agent extraordinaire, who has brought me through some pretty stressfully sticky situations... What's next?

I'm sooooo thankful that Jan Stob and Karen Watson didn't forget about me.

I'm thankful to have won a copy of Eve's Daughters at the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference all those years ago. Reading it made me want to be a fiction writer. So, being nominated alongside its author is pretty amazing.

And, finally, I wouldn't be here without the prayer support of my amazing Monday night writers group. I miss very few meetings--but I think they'll forgive me for missing this one!

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