Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School

When I was teaching, this day had a whole different meaning...It's somehow not nearly as much fun anymore. Today, my kids were actually only in school half-day, and I was so tempted to just spend the morning lounging around, watching Regis and Kelly (with Anderson Cooper), just soak in those final hours of solitude and silence. In fact, I went so far as to get back in my jammies and crawl into bed at 8:45. Then, the oddest thing cat woke me up. Now, our cat Clancie is not an affectionate cat. She treats all of us--me, especially--with barely contained disdain. Yet, the minute I was curled up in my jammies, she was at my side, nudging me and meowing. When I "lovingly" tossed her aside, she was back again. Nudge, nudge, nudge. And the thing is, she did the EXACT same thing on Tuesday. It's like she knows it's time to get up and work out.
Does she hate me that much?
So, yay me...I got up, put on my suit, and managed to be just 3 mintues late for water aerobics (that's my Tues/Thurs workout). Thank you, Clancie. I should have had you in the car with me and my gym clothes yesterday when I was out running errands; I might have actually made it to the gym!
And while I don't see actual pounds melting off, I'm feeling so much better. Gotta really get my diet under control for the poundage. But seriously, I didn't work out at all for the entire months of April and May (in May I didn't even walk Stella!), so it's a major back-track...I'm choosing to think of it as being back ON track, and hopefully my body will show me a little grace. In the meantime, I'm a snacker by nature, so tell me, what's the ONE healthy snack you can't do without? For me, it's raw almonds!
And--YAY!!!--My excercise ball I ordered from Amazon just got here! (like, literally, while I was typing).


  1. glad all those school days are over at my house and now my four kids are going through the school and college thing, One even has grand kids of his own. I would love to win a free book if you are giving one away. I real a lot now this late in my life. Used to read before the kids came and now I do so again.


  2. Yep--I'm drawing to give away Ten Thousand Charms on Monday...and other books all summer long!

  3. You would have to say healthy snack wouldn't you?! :-)

    I love raw almonds too. And pecans.

  4. Healthy snack I love, hmmmmmmmmmm, Oh Trader Joe's has these flax seed tortilla chips that are actually good tasting and good for you, that with fresh salsa. Yummo.

  5. Cranraisins!
    cranraisins are dried cranberries. They're great to munch on! Or to give a salad a little extra something.