Monday, June 8, 2009

This Week's Book...

Congratulations, Carly--you're the winner of Ten Thousand Charms. Quick side note--a few evenings ago, I had the opportunity to just sit in a Starbucks and talk writing with my lovely friend Elizabeth, and I ended up talking about this book a lot--kind of like revisiting an old friend. So, Carly, I hope you enjoy!!
This week's give-away will take you down an intriguing, intertwining path. It's Rose House by the lovely Tina Ann Forkner.

Rose House is Fornker's second novel (a follow-up to Ruby Among Us), and in it she takes us back to the beautiful Californian wine country. Although there are a few returning characters, it's not a sequel to Ruby. Rather, it is its own haunting tale of woman still in the grips of mouring unspeakable loss, and the healing that comes through the faith she discovers and the friends who embrace her at a charming, although somewhat haunting, cottage. The whole time I was reading Rose House, I had this feeling of watching an old know, the one you stumble across on a Sunday afternoon and just get sucked in. So, while it would be a great read at any point during the summer, it's a fantastic book for that warm, rainy evening, or that quiet Sunday afternoon when everybody else in the house is napping.

One important element in the story is this beautiful, mysterious painting (and its charming, mysterious creator), and Forkner does a beautiful job bringing that painting to life. I can still see it. So, to be entered in this week's give-away, tell me about your favorite painting! One of mine is The Gleaners by Jean-Francois Millet--three women in a nearly barren field, thier faces obscure, their backs bent. It's a depiction of dignity in poverty, and a reminder of my favorite Biblical heroine, Ruth!

So...what's your favorite painting, and why? Doesn't have to be anything famous...truth be told, my absolute favorites are anything my son Charlie creates!


  1. This comes from the author of Rose House herself, Tina Ann Forkner...

    "My favorite painting is Beauty and the Beast Within by Truman Clark." :-) You know why!

    And, yes, I know why...but you'll have to read the book to be in on the secret!

  2. The Last Supper.
    I enjoy seeing creative recreations of it the most.

  3. i'm weird (a mental health therapist) but i really like Edvard Munch's The Scream. i contemplate what it is the person in the painting saw that made him/her scream...and how that scream is conveyed so well visually that i could almost hear it!

    but i'm really interested in this new painting found in the walls of some building being torn down that experts are thinking is another mona lisa. have you heard about that? wouldn't that be crazy?

  4. This is a neat way to here about books, I have not heard of most of them.