Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Grass IS Greener...(Notes from the road...)

I spent last week visiting with my sister, Roi, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We were there for the 4th of July (an evening of swimming and fireworks and luscious bbq ribs, mmmmmm). She has a lovely home overlooking a lovely yard with velvet-green grass and a sapphire-sparkly pool. The house itself sits in a neighborhood built on the far edge of town, smack in the middle of what can only be affectionately and accurately called: desert.

One of my favorite memories is from an evening long ago, when I was on her balcony. I looked down and saw a little family of rabbits foraging for what they could find to nibble on amidst the dry sagebrush of the desert. Little did these bunnies know that, right on the other side of the fence, another family of rabbits was grazing on the soft, velvet green grass of Roi's lawn. Just think, those poor desert bunnies probably had such a negative outlook on life, cursing their environment, thinking what a rotten, dry, desolate world they were forced to live in. If only they could somehow look to the other side of the fence--what a different world they would know!

It reminds me of those people who go around in life without knowing the Lord. Think about it--how many truly jolly, content, pleasant Atheists do you know? The world is full of poeple who see only the dry shrubs of life--who nick their lips trying to seek sustenance on life's tumble weeds--all the while ignorant of the vast, lush, delicious blessings that come with a life in Christ.

Faith in Christ is the fence that separates the bunnies of the world--those who dwell, lost, in the desert; those who revel in the glory of His grace. Take time this week to lift a bunny up--show him or her the sweet green velvet that comes with grace.

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  1. Even as Christians we tend to forget that the lush green nourishment of God's Word and our relationship with Him is just a nibble away.

  2. Amen, donnadoo! Why is it that I still sometimes (waaaaay too often) think I'll just hop around and find my own answers?