Friday, January 28, 2011

Face = Off

I didn't really intend to take a week off facebook. It sort of took a week off me. All this past week, I've been nose-to-the keyboard with a grace-time deadline extension, and one day, no wireless on my laptop. That meant no more checking in every paragraph or so to be humiliated by my fellow writers' progress. No more snippy snippets about life's irritations. No funny little jokes that might lead to a couple-dozen comments--each one popping up with that cute little flag on the minimized tab. Oh, the productivity! I wrote and read and wrote some more, giving into my fbf (face book fix) only by choosing the logest line at the grocery store and scrolling through status updates on my phone, treating myself to the occasional comment.
Of course now, I have a ton of friend requests to confirm, and a slew of private messages from people who probably think I hate them. What's bugging me most, though, are the host of undocumented status updates that have been ringing in my head. Yes. I'm haunted by unposted statuses. (stati?) So, to regain peace in my mind, here they are:

  • $16 for entire family to eat Sunday lunch from Subway. Yay!!!

  • Ice on windshield this morning. An excuse to use my credit card again!!!

  • Perpetrated a terrible injustice on my son. To make it up to him, I said he could choose what we have for dinner. He chose Panda Express. Now I know why I love him!!

  • Heard an expert say it's good to go 2-3 days between shampoos. Love it when experts back my laziness.

  • Let's Obama or walk dog?'s 40-something degrees, windy, and I'm exhausted. Where's the leash?

  • Ugh. Totally got my Wednesdays mixed up. Missed an important rehearsal. Gotta find my way out of this hole.

  • Spent my lunch hour with the gang from 90210. Story line? An abusive ex-boyfriend named Diesel who plays key-tar in a band called Walking Garbage. (played by a young David Arquette). Ain't no drama like the 90's drama.

  • Steven Tyler--where have you been all my life? I want him to kiss my hair.

  • Am reading 5+ chapters of my novel out loud because I no longer trust my eyes. The cats are sooooooo annoyed.

And now, to post!!

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  1. I especially loved the dog walking status update. ;-) i was already missing my Allison fix being that I am out of town...but then being sans-AP on FB made me a bit more glum. ho-hum Hope you're back soon! ;-)