Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Night

Months and months in the making...and here I am with the fabulous Chris Vlasek who set music to my script for "New Beginnings" -- our Church's Easter program. It seemed like this weekend would never come, then it seemed like it wasn't far enough away, then it seemed like it was breathing down my neck. And the stage was bare, and the lights were wonky, and what seemed like a great idea last August was about to be tested by fire. Then...
Lord be praised! What a fabulous Easter weekend this was. After months of being immersed in our church's Easter production, we finally took the sanctuary stage on Good Friday night, and on Saturday--three blessed performances, three chances to witness God's power over our lives and His calling on our spirits. And then, church this morning...powerful music, perfect sermon, and then the blessed ride home...

I know the traditional Easter celebration is that glorious Easter morning, but for me, I was just hanging on waiting for Easter afternoon. Not that I'm discounting the special recognition of Jesus' resurrection--that's something we should be celebrating every day! But I've been spending every Sunday afternoon for the last three months in rehearsals, not to mention the hours put in every evening this week. Yes, for a while now I've been looking forward to coming home from church on Easter Sunday, sitting down to the Stouffer's Lasagna waiting in my oven, then collapsing for a well-earned nap.

Which I did. For, like, 3 hours. The first long Sunday nap of 2009. You can see my behind-the-scenes pictures here, but to get a sense of the power of the performance, check out the video on my facebook page--http//


  1. Congrats on your Easter program. I know your fellow church members were blessed by it. I'm so excited your new book is out. I'm a baseball fan from way back. Looking forward to reading it! Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, Kelly--it was an amazing Easter weekend, the most fulfilling, worshipful and relaxing (well, on Sunday at least) that I've had in a long time...

  3. Hi Allison,
    We've read Saturdays with Stella and really loved you and your dog! I'm sure Stealing Home will be exceptional. Please keep writing!!!

    A new friend,