Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ho-Hum Hollywood

OK, either these guys need to see more movies, or I need to just embrace the power ballad, because this was one hum-drum night of American Idol. In my humble opinion, of course. It was like one long soaring (sometimes souring?) note. And personally, I would rather have listened to all 4 judges give feedback and cut the Quentin Tarantino "coaching" -- but that's just me.
So, a couple of questions...did anybody else think Allison was way, way off key? I was cringing through the whole thing, then it was like extra scoops of praise from Paula and Simon. Are my ears that off?
Then, a bunch of other people sang--Danny got contacts, which, in the world of sit-com evil twins should make him unrecognizable. Adam gave the one performance that didn't sound like it came from a dentist's office, Randy hated Kris, Lil chose the wrong song...again...and it was over.
I'm having a tough time calling it tonight, but based on performances, I think Allison and Lil should be in the bottom two. Allison's been there before, of course, but Lil did get the sweet last spot, so it might be Matt. Anyway, the Judge's Save is still in place, and the only contestant who wouldn't get that second chance is probably Lil. So...out on my limb here, but I predict that, actually, nobody'll go home.
Am I right? Am I wrong? And if you could choose another soundtrack ditty for any of these guys, what would it be?


  1. I totally fell asleep... I'll have to watch it again. Adam just annoys me, he is good, he is talanted... but for some reason I don't like when he screaches. It was cool in the 10th grade on band trips and we were rocking out to Queen (We Will Rock You & We Are the Champions!)... But, I must be getting yoo old for rock opera!

  2. I though Allison was waaaaaaaay off too. All over the place and not on key. And who the heck is Quentin Tarantino in a singing competition?? I don't get it, I went to bed.