Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brat Pack

And by "brat" I mean Simon---but I'll get back to that in a minute. I've just realized that the deadline looming o'er me almost made me forget to get my post on. The world would probably survive, but my power of prediction is a true source of pride, so I want my vision on eternal record. Even if I'm wrong. Or, as I like to think of it, even if America is they were last week. Because, really, think how great Anoop would have done this week. I'll bet he sings "My Funny Valentine" when he shaves in the morning--or at least did back when he used to shave.
So, without further Anoop--my thoughts on who was the leader of the Pack last night.
Kris--love him, love him, love him...didn't totally love the song last night. Still, I thought Simon was waaaaay out of line in his criticism. It's almost like the producer's pick is about to be edged out by this "dark horse," and somebody doesn't want to see it happen. Hmmmm...AI conspiracy? Never. Still he was adorable, and should be totally safe tonight.
Allison--now, what was I saying about AI conspiracy? Because Simon--grrr! This is the first time this season I truly wanted to reach through the screen and slap him. Allison was uh-mazing, and then just so sweet and humble (truly taken aback, I think) when he asked if she thought she could win. I mean, how easy would it be for her to get all snide and snotty and throw all humility to the wind...
Which brings us to Danny. Now, in all fairness, I must say this is the FIRST time I've ever actually enjoyed a Danny Gokey performance. He's been seriously under my skin since the audition. So, yeah, yeah, he's gonna be in the finals. It just might be nice if he could pretend to believe that another singer belonged there with him.
Matt--why did he save him? Because he couldn't get his deposit back on the hat? Once again, Simon...grrrr!!
Finally, of course, I am a total Adamite, and once again he was amazing. During the afternoon, my agent and I emailed back-and-forth trying to guess what song he would sing. My vote was for "Candyman" he thought maybe "The Lady is a Tramp" (both suggestions firmly tongue in cheek, of course.)
So, prediction time...OK America. By now the decision is made--and I'll actually know in a matter of hours. I'm saying Matt and Allison are probably in the bottom two, and somewhere out there is a piano bar and tip jar with his name on it. Hopefully, he'll be there Friday night.

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