Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Launching Party Disco Winners

So...a lot to talk about in one little post--partly because I haven't posted in a few days, and partly because it's one of those times when a bunch of stuff happens at once.
Launch Party!! Last night (Monday) I had a modest little launch party for my new book, Stealing Home. I hi-jacked the first hour of my regular writers group meeting and treated them and a bunch of friends and family to snacks in keeping with the spirit, setting and theme of the book...hot-dogs, Coca-Cola and Cracker Jacks. I gave a little talk, did a little reading, and had a lovely time. I'm just so excited about this book--it's truly the book of my heart, and, as promised, one of my blog followers will win a signed copy, and the winner is...diamonds, daisies, snowflakes...THAT GIRL!! So, THAT GIRL, email me privately your address, and I'll get a copy in the mail to you.
And, the winner of Tamara Alexander's The Inheritance is WindyCindy...so, WindyCindy, email me with your address and you'll inherit this great read!
Finally, lest we forget, it is Tuesday, and that means Idol, and once a year we have that wonderful night when Idol meets Disco and all seems right with the world. In the interest of keeping my prediction reputation on the line, I'll skip the lengthy re-cap and just spill my thoughts. Two people are going home, and those people will be Lil and Matt. Because, really, didn't both of them sound like some horrific office Christmas party gone terribly wrong?


  1. Allison, I think Lil and Matt will go home. Lil was a mess. Matt not quite as bad. I suppose we could be surprised and see Allison or Anoop leave in the place of Matt. Sometimes the voters surprise us. But my money is on Lil and Matt to depart.

    And let me just say again how much I LOVED Stealing Home. Your readers will not be disappointed.


  2. Oh. My. Just finished reading my ARC of Stealing Home. When I first started, I was hesitant because of the baseball theme but of course you hooked me right in. Great book. And the ending caught me totally off guard. I'm still a little miffed about it! :-)

  3. As much as I loved her in the beginning, Lil is going home. I was not impressed with Allison either, but she won't go home. Too much of their own stuff, not enough disco last night. It might be Matt, but I think there will be an upset.

    Off today to buy your new book, so excited. Have a super day!