Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Shift--G+40

First of all, Yaaaaaaayyyyy Kris!!!!! Now, that's out of my system. So, American Idol is not the only reality show I follow. I'm also a huge fan of The Biggest Loser. This year, what an inspiration to see the winner turn out to be not only a woman (3rd in a row!), but a 48-year-old woman at that. Yay Helen!!

So, every season, I watch the contestants week after week, weigh-in after weigh-in, and there's always the week where they step on the scale and the number on their scale matches the number on mine. And it makes me a little sick inside because I see it in two ways: First, they were my weight at one time and continued gaining and gaining into obesity. Second, they are at my weight now, and on their way down and down. Makes me feel like I'm just perched in the middle, able to go either way. And right now I see everything I eat as making a choice, because it's becoming more and more obvious that I can't just stay here forever.

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  1. Don't put me in the drawing for "Stealing Home." I've already got my own, just finished reading and posted a review on my blog---loved, loved, loved it! Just wish 'that one thing' that happened at the end could have been different but that's just me! But I loved the book!!! Thanks for writing it!