Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idol Chatter...Double Treble

You know how sometimes you're driving down the highway, and you see a wreck coming up on the side of the road, and you know you're coming up on it, and you don't want to look, but somehow you can't help yourself--even though you know it might be awful? Like, you want to turn back, but you're caught up in the traffic, and there's just no going back? That's how I feel every year when we're down to the final two contestants on Idol, and it's time to sing the Idol Anthem.
So, I went into this year with a true spirit of hope, thinking, for Pete's sake--the songwriter is one of the judges! She has a vested interest! How awful could it be? And then, no turning back. It's 7:45, and we're howling about mountains and bowndrays.
No need dwelling on the first two songs--they were perfectly awesome. I thought they were a little tough on Kris for his second number, but yadda, yadda--haven't they been all season? They're still reeling from the shock of his presence on stage tonight. I'm a little suprised Paula didn't accidentally stick with the script and call him Danny. And Adam was as consistently good as he has been all season. That's what you can say about both these guys. You can count on a great performance, originality, arrangement...
And then...Kara's song. So, I guess this one is hands-off for arrangement? Because it seemed to me they both had identical orchestration and--to Kris's detriment--an identical key. It's like it was written for Adam's acrobatic vocals. Look close, and you can actually see Kris rising to his toes trying to hit the notes. Ah, the final conspiracy of the season.
So, my final prediction? I've got to go with my human behavior instinct here and think, yeah, Adam has had momentum all season, but I can't see all those people who voted for Danny switching their votes to Adam. Therefore, I'm predicting Kris.


  1. Speaking of which, come see what I posted yesterday about what some are saying is an Adam lookalike on Britain's Got Talent.

  2. That is so cool? And you know, doesn't it seem like that show has so much more joy connected to it?

  3. I hope its Kris! Adam is disturbing. Kris so deserves it, because I bet Adam will get a deal no matter what. I love your thoughts on "sticking to the script". haha. The judges sure did think Danny would beat Kris didn't they?? Ahh, the surprise of the people =)

    TOTALLY unfair, that song. I don't think Danny would have had much better luck with it than Kris did. I hope his sketchy performance doesn't do him in. That wouldn't be fair at all. But such is television.

    At least Simon made fun of the song before he caught himself =)