Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three's A Crowd...

Eeeeeek!! Just realized we're just a few hours away from results show, and I didn't get a recap blogged. Blame it on the combined factors of a looming deadline, coupled with being out-of-town (visiting my lovely parents!!) where internet is just a bit wonky.

Anyhoo, last night's show was awesome!!! My Danny-gag-reflex was subdued, though I would have put money on him choking out a few tears at the end of "You Are So Beautiful." And, you know, Adam didn't do a lot for me in either song. He was fantastic, of course, but he's always fantastic, no?

But Kris! My goodness, he was just in a whole different league! I had the great pleasure of watching this episode at my sister's house, where the Danny/Adam split was pretty obvious. We each had a few choice words to say about the other's fave, but our common ground was Kris. Which makes me worry a little bit. It's my hope that the Dannyites voted for Danny and the Adamites voted for Adam, and EVERYBODY ELSE voted for Kris.

So, to post my prediction, hmmm....this is really tough, because it's hard to separate what I want to happen from the inevitable. But, you know what? I'm going out on a long, skinny, tremulous limb here. Ready? I think There!! I typed it!! And I'm ready to be wrong, whether it's in rejoicing that America finally got a collective brain and got rid of Gokey, or in mourning that America was the willing pawn in the producer's evil scheme. Hm. I guess that's my middle ground.

OK!! We'll find out in a few hours!! I'll call you, Roi!


  1. Allison, I'm an American Idol blogger too, so have enjoyed reading your predictions.

    But I'm a Danny Gokey fan and don't understand the gag reflex comment or the "I hate Gokey" stuff that I read in some blogs. I like his voice and what I've seen of him as a person. Adam doesn't do much for me (I dislike the screaming-singing and never vote for contestants who do that), but he is very talented. Last night was the first time I've thought he failed to perform well. The band was a mess on his second song, which didn't do him any favor. Kris was awesome last night, and I think it would be very cool to have a Danny-Kris finals instead of the Adam-Danny finals that many have predicted from day one. It sure would be a surprise. I'll be interested to see if your prediction proves true. I'll know in under 90 minutes (I'm in the MDT zone).


  2. Robin, I'm a little tough on Danny, I suppose...I think he's perfectly harmless, but he has been seriously over-praised all season. Nobody's ever called him for being pitchy, off-beat, garbled lyrics...nothing. Meanwhile, poor Kris--a better performer all-around (imho, of course)--just can't get a break. I find Adam more entertaining, but I'd never buy his CD!

    I'm in mountain time too, today...10 more minutes!!!

  3. okay... ummmm... I just watched the final five minutes (i skipped the rest because I work entirely way too much...)

    total SHOCKER... you must very happy.