Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Idol Time--Rhythm and Ooohs (and a few Ewwws)

You know how when you're watching a lava lamp? And there's that great gloopy moment when one glob sinks to the bottom and the other gloop bloops up? I feel like that's what happened tonight. We saw Siobhan take the glob-dive of her career thus far, and Lee just bloopy-bloop-bloop up to the top. It was, in some ways, a nod back to the old days (think, pre-Jordin Sparks), because those who did well did so because of their ability to sing. Not because of funky red lighting, or giant staircases, or slick package mentality. Just like those old R&B records had a groove, tonight a few people fell into their groove, and a few, well let's just say, their parents probably never owned a record, either.
A few general notes: Ryan Seacrest takes awkward banter to an entirely new level. Like, painful. Like when you're driving your 9th grade son on his first "real" date and trying to make conversation in the car. "So, Ginnifer, would you ever wear an off-the-shoulder dress?" Just do what you're paid gabillions of dollars to do, or I swear I'll mount the campaign to bring back that other guy.
Usher as mentor--hey! Great idea having somebody with experience, clout, talent, knowledge...well, everything Miley doesn't. Last week was like watching a figure skater being coached by a duck. This week was like...well, better. (some metaphors deserve a quiet death)
Ellen's tie--did anyone else feel like it was 4 a.m. and the urge to get to a phone and call in to pledge to MDA? Way to channel your inner Jerry Lewis. (but I thought the joke about Tim Urban "creeping" was funny!)

So, to sum up my commentary, I'm going to lump performances into shades of blue:
Like perfect wash on your favorite jeans--Lee, Crystal, Casey, Andrew
Like a harmless crayon you'll pass over for a cooler color in the box--Katie, Michael, Aaron
Like mold you wish you hadn't noticed--Siobhan, Didi, Tim

Bottom Three? (should be) Siobhan, Didi, Tim
(will be) Didi, Tim, Katie

My pick to go home...Didi.

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  1. I agree. But my comment can't be complete without a serious plea that everybody KEEP YOUR TEENAGED DAUGHTERS AWAY FROM THE PHONE. Please. I cannot handle watching Tim Urban even one more time. (Though I did like the hilarious commentary after his performance, especially Simon laughing helplessly because nothing the judges say matters). I thought AI had reached its nadir of pseudo-heartthrob facial expressions with Constantine on "My Funny Valentine." I was wrong!

    On the positive side: I love Lee Dewyze and Crystal. And I do think Aaron is going to be a major country star.

  2. Oh Wow Allison... I thought you were Simon writing that blogpost for a second!

    I'm still think Andrew Garcia is humble perfection.

  3. Hey, Taking Heart...I'll take that as a compliment! Simon and I agree more often than not. And I totally love Andrew--I was so glad to see him back on top of his game. It's like, he was wallowing for a while, then he went straight up...

    Tim Urban is like Sanjaya for Disney...

  4. Haha... first your deodorant remark... and now Sanjaya for Disney... you had me at hello! lol

    I agree with Simon 100 percent of the time... and I will mourn his absence. Boo.

  5. Yes, hooray for Andrew. Didi should go. She should have gotten back to what made her stand out in the first place, and there's nothing harder to watch than someone "trying." I'm not a particular fan of Aaron, either, but like you said, as long as the teenage girls get to the phone for him and Tim, they'll be through. Nothing really is 'wow-ing' me this year about them, though...

  6. You are so right about Ryan becoming very creepy instead of funny. I think it was right that Didi went home too.