Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Diridgedudes and Babepipes

A song for Timanilow
(in honor of Lennon/McCartney week)

Hey, dude, don't make it bad,
Take a bland song, and make it blander.
Remember, Randy and Ellen are smart,
And you can ignore Simon and Kara
Hey dude, don't be afraid
You were made to guest-star on Disney
The minute your texting votes don't come in
You can begin to be a guest star
Enter: Bagpipes
I remember this them from 2 seasons ago, and it was a fantastic night. I can still hear Carly Smithson singing "Come Together" and Michael Johns singing "Across the Universe." And David Cook's amazing Eleanor Rigby. That was a great night for music, because it's a night of great music, and I think the contestants always do better when, really, there can't be too many bad song choices. Oh, had DiDi hung around, she might have tried to show us a new dimension of her by treating us to a ride in a yellow submarine, but other than that...
So, we had diridgedoos and bagpipes, guitars, guitars, guitars, dreadlocks, and a nearly lethal use of a flatiron. Andrew took us to Saturday morning Bandstand, Crystal took us to a really cool Blues club about 40 minutes into her set. Siobhan and Aaron gave us just a taste of what we might hear in-between reassurances that our call is important to somebody. Casey rocked the Leif Garret look (thanks, A.J.), while Timanilow brought the Leif Garret vibe. ALERT! Quite possibly the first time "Leif" "Garret" and "vibe" have been used in a single sentence. Mike frightened lonely people everywhere with the knowledge that he's looking at them (and when he finds them, he will pick them up in his massive hulk-like arms), Katie made me remember why I love that song (and her father made me remember why grown men should wear pants if they're going to be on TV). And Lee--quote of the night:
LEE: (when he saw the bagpipe guy backstage) Is he here for me?
But I thought that was totally cool.
So...this'll be a tough week to call, because nobody was terrible; but here goes:
Bottom 3 = Andrew, Tim, Aaron (oh, so torn between Aaron and Katie...)
Going home? Andrew
So, what think you! Leave a comment and cast a vote. We got it right last week (yay!!), making my new release, The Bridegrooms the first book in the Idle Summer Reading Give-Away!


  1. I shall pretend you did not vote to send Andrew home.

    I think my fave last night was Katie and Bobby Sox. The rest were mediocre at best.

    Aaron is cute... boring... and is my vote to go home. Next in line Tim. Preferably Tim... but I figure he gets votes for swishy hair and white teeth.

  2. Oh, trust me...I like Andrew, but I poll-vote with my head, not my heart, and I just don't think he has the fan base. I have just enough of the grade-grubber left in me to want to choose the "right" answer, even if I think it's wrong...

    I never have understood the Aaron fascination. In fact, I keep forgetting about him. And, I like Katie, too. I thought she sounded very Martina McBride last night (earning Simon points for picking up a country vibe...)

  3. Oh definitely Andrew, but I wish it would be Timanilow. The Leif Garrett look alike is growing on me, and really loved Katie last night for the first time. Aaron is boring boring boring! David Cook did such a fantastic rendition of Eleanor Rigby, that I really couldn't judge Mike without bias, except to say what you already know, he's girly!
    Oh and you're welcome, that was fun!

  4. I think Andrew will be the go-homer this week.