Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I almost skipped...

...my quiet time today, and I don't mean that I got caught up in the flurry of morning routine (as happens). I mean, I was on the brink of saying: Gym? or Bible? And as fantastical as that may seem, gym was about to win.
Then I thought, No--I can give my reading passage a quick skim, say a quick prayer, and still make the 8:30 water aerobics class. So, I sat down with Bible and coffee, flipped to my passage (in my One Year Bible, as I'm between studies) and started to skim.
That's when the Holy Spirit said--STOP.
I don't often pray out loud when I'm alone, but today I did, and in my best self-chastising voice, I prayed: "Lord, I am going to sit right here, slow down, and read. Really, really read." And I did. Got a whole new series idea from the book of Joshua--from something with which, until today, I was totally unfamiliar. An entire series in one thought. It was like God had grabbed me by the collar (or swimsuit, in this case) yanked me back and said--I HAVE A WORD FOR YOU TODAY. READ IT.
And all I could think was--how many Words have I missed out on? All those mornings when I say I'll get to it later, and I never do. Or, more common, those days when I have to stop and think about when was the last time I truly sat and sought His Word? I envy those who have the spiritual discipline to read their Bible daily--but envy is such a waste of time.
That was an hour ago. I won't always have a full hour to spend with my Bible. Wait--I'll always have it, but I won't always take it. And I may not even need to. But today I did. And there's another class at 9:45. And I'm already in my suit, so...


  1. What a great reminder that "good" things are best experienced in God's timing.

    Thank you Allison for your transparency, it speaks to my heart and affirms my desire to be "still" in the Lord daily.

    Have fun at the gym!

  2. Great wisdom here.

    BTW, I loved The Bridegrooms!