Monday, April 12, 2010

Here Come the Bridegrooms!

Releasing today! fifth novel. I say unbelievable, because it wasn't long ago I had no idea I wanted to pursue a life writing Christian fiction. No idea. I knew I wanted to write...something...but the only Christian novel I'd ever read was Christy--a book that is almost required reading for Christian girls, and rightly so. And now--what a difference a decade makes!

So, with a new book comes all of the other fun "new" things. Walking into bookstore after bookstores to see it on the shelves, interviews and give-aways to promote, forcing copies on your oh-so-understanding writers group friends--especially those sweet guys who don't happen to read historical Christian fiction, but buy copies for their wives. But, with this new book came another "new" thing.


Now, I have other books that have been released on Kindle, and I guess I've never really thought about it...but my friend Virginia sent me a message on facebook saying she'd pre-ordered The Bridegrooms on Kindle, and it would "appear" on Tuesday, April 13. And it just seems weird to me to think of all the hundreds (maybe that's optimistic...) of people who pre-ordered to Kindle, and all those words, all those pages, all those hours of work will just "appear" on Kindle screens everywhere. All at once. It reminds me of those nature documentaries where they show a bunch of flowers blooming in time-lapse photography. Just...poof...and in one cybernatural moment, there they are. My friend Virginia says the drawback is that she won't be able to have a signed copy. I offered to get a Sharpie and scrawl my name on her Kindle. She hasn't messaged me back yet.

I don't know that I'd ever be able to go Kindle. I'm a super-slow reader, takes me forever to finish a book. Having the cover staring at me from my nightstand is sometimes my only motivation--just to get it read and returned/put away/donated. I'm afraid if I were looking at the same unchanging device day in and out, I'd never finish anything. I'd just pay my 9.99 over and over and over, filling it up. Hubby, on the other hand, goes through 2-3 books a week. He was made for e-reading.

So, how about you? E-reader, bookstore browser, library lover, on-line orderer? Say, for example, a great new story about four sisters looking for love in the void left from their mother's abandonment? How would you go about pursuing such a story?


  1. The Kindle sounds better than when publishers want to send me a book for my computer! But I do love the smell and feel of real books.

    Looking forward to reading Bridegrooms!

  2. I am an "old school" book reader. I like the feel of the glossy cover and flipping the fresh, crisp pages reading the words. An e book reader is awesome, it saves space and is easy to carry around, but reading Bridegrooms was fun because there was a cover and later on I can keep it on my shelf or let someone borrow it.

    Good book by the way!