Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Promise for Spring

Take a peek...
England-born Emmaline Bradford pledged her life to Geoffrey Garrett and then bid him farewell when he sailed to America. Although Geoffrey anticipated only a short separation, several years passed before he was able to send for Emmaline. By then the fiery flame of her youthful love had all but died. Shocked by the conditions on Geoffrey's Kansas sheep ranch, Emmaline wishes to return to England immediately. Geoffrey offers a compromise: If Emmaline promises to stay until spring, he'll pay her return fare if she decides to go back to her home country. When spring arrives, will Emmaline return to England, or will she marry Geoffrey and carve out a life with him in Kansas?
Take it from me...
A Promise for Spring takes on one of my favorite historical romance modes---the marriage that is and isn't. And is. And isn't. And... Ooh, the tension! This also takes on the question of whether or not the infatuation of young love can withstand the pressures and and responsibilities of an adult relationship. In this case, though, since they haven't had the opportunity to grow together, both Emmaline and Geoffrey face the hardships of frontier life--locusts, sheep and all--while still dealing with each other on the same emotional level they did as teenagers. There were times, I'm sure, when the sheep themselves were rolling their little sheep-eyes and bleating, "Come on, kids! You know you love each other! Get on with it already!"
But Kim Vogel Sawyer does a masterful job and keeping the reader (and the sheep) rooting for the romance to kick in while still enjoying the emotional fencing match between the two. You'll find yourself on Emmaline's side in one chapter, and on Geoffrey's the next. And then, like the welcome of any long winter, there's the promise of Spring.
And this is one promise that really comes through!
So, what promise does Spring hold for you? Leave a comment and be registered for a drawing to win a free copy of A Promise for Spring. Check back March 21 to find out who wins!


  1. Oh, I love drawings. :-) Count me in!

    I'll post about it on my blog and I'll betcha some of my readers will be interested. :-)

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'm hoping to meet Kim Vogel Sawyer at the Christian Book Expo this weekend. I'd love to win this book!

    Wish you were going to be in Dallas. Can't wait for Stealing Home!

  3. Spring holds the promise of the renewed sounds of the birds and animals welcoming in the warmer weather and singing their praises to the Lord. It means a chance to get out and clear the ground, plant the veggies and herbs and think. A chance to enjoy living. A chance to let my mother enjoy a warm spot outdoors and for family and friends to visit.
    It is a time of new life and of extream joy.