Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idol Chatter -- Goin' Down to Motown...

I always love Motown week. They are, quite simply, some of the best, most iconic songs ever recorded. And, to me, they really are the songs that can divide true artists--those who can bring a new sound to an old song and still allow the initial vision of the songwriter to come through. It's easy to listen to song after song from this catalog and have the entire night come across as some cheesy salute to Motown rather than listening to a singer who has added a Motown hit to their repetoire.
So, my favorite of the night? It's a two-A tie between Adam and Allison. Now, I thought Adam went a little to far in the slick-back look, but I totally appreciate the effort. My agent has long said that, take away the emo-wings, and he'd look just like a young Elvis. And, man, he's right. I loved hearing Adam actually sing. And to get a standing ovation from Smokey Robinson? Wowza. But, you know, I think it might have been awesome if Adam and Anoop had switched songs, because I think Adam's better capable of the range Kara talked about. But, my real reason for loving Adam, is that every week I can't wait to see what he chooses to sing!
And Allison? Simply awesome. I love an old soul in a young body.
To get back to my original point, I like to see a contestant who seems to understand music, not just that particular song. On that note, I also appreciated Kris and Matt. I think Megan has that capability, too. I don't hate her voice, but I think it all fell apart tonight.
So, my bottom 2 predictions? Scott (sorry, but everything he sings sounds the same) and Michael (sorry, everything he sings sounds...kinda bad). And no way the judges would save either of them.


  1. I liked Michael but was not that sorry to see him go. While I emotionally like Scott and he is from my home town, he is not going to make too much farther. I love my Noop dog and Allison should win the whole thing, for sixteen, she is amazing. It was fun to see Smokey too, I am a fan. I find it hard to believe I live one hour north of Detroit and have not been to Motown's headquarters, tragic. Although, I grew up in Arizona and have never seen the Grand Canyon, go figure.

  2. haha, love your run down. i agree about adam...a bit much with the greaser look...but his voice was steller. i am a gokey fan myself (even though it's trendy)...and i loved him too. i LOVE megan's voice...but thought she really lost it this week...but so glad that she didn't get booted. i definitely predicted michael as in the bottom & thought maybe scott also. i think scott just sounds a little old fashioned and his voice is very "heavy" sounding??? i am hoping to see megan, adam, allison, & danny as the last standing...though the 2 guys (can't remember their names)...the piano justin timberlake look-alike & the guitar guy with the hot wife are raelly good too...but don't STAND OUT to me as much as the others???

    what will happen this week... ;-)