Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I remember every Saturday afternoon sitting on my yellow polyester bedspread listening to American Top Forty. For two, three solid hours, song after song...even then I was all into predictions, always writing down which song I thought would be the top one that week.

Go figure...

What's fun about a night like this is you get a chance to see just what each of the contestants think about themselves as an artist. In fact, you get to see which of them really ARE artists and can do what Kara lined out at the top of the show. The verdict? Ummm...not many...

Anoop--I thought he was totally ripped off by the judges. No, it wasn't amazing, but it was him.
Megan--Hey, remember on the TV show Friends when Phoebe would sing in the coffee shop? Yeah. Who let Megan out of the coffee shop?
Danny--He sang a Rascall Flatts song. Is there any more middle-of-the-charts group? Danny is a good singer. He's not an artist, and the judges ignored the fact that he did nothing new with the song...And it seems Gokey is getting a little Cocky.
Allison--Gotta love her...but goodness, she looks a lot older than 16
Scott--I'm going to ignore the Golden Girls hairstyle and just say that he'll be safe this week, and if next week is Christopher Cross week, he'll be fine...
Matt--Didn't make much of an impression either way, which isn't good...
Lil--You'd never guess that she was singing from the same theme week...
Adam--A-mazing, As Always, but it surprised me that "Play That Funky Music" was a popular i-tunes download. Who knew?
Kris--Love that song...love him. He's quickly becoming my #2 favorite!

So, who should be in the bottom 2? A mixture of Megan, Matt and Anoop. The only one with a shot at judge's save is Matt.

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  1. Good run down! I was sad that Megan did so badly...hated the song choice for her and she sang it horribly. While she has such an interesting voice, she is apparently very inconsistent with singing anything well... :-(

    I liked:


    Not in that order...yes, Danny is not necessarily the artist that Adam is but I can't help but loving him anyway. I am guessing these 3 and maybe Allison are the top 3. I think that Danny & Adam will be top 2...maybe? Who knows... I never vote so it's up to America...minus me. ;-)

    See ya lata!